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3 Most Common Problems Discovered During Professional Roof Inspections

3 most common problems discovered during professional roof inspections

No one likes bad news, but the sooner you receive the information, the quicker you can deal with it. When you hire a professional St. Charles roofing contractor for your annual roof inspection, there's a good chance you'll receive good news if your roof is newer and you've kept up with maintenance and repairs.

However, if you've neglected your roof, it's at an advanced age, or there's been recent storm activity, you could be facing some repair needs. Being an informed homeowner and knowing some of the repair issues that are frequently discovered during inspections can help tremendously.

What's Going On Up There With Your Rooftop?

Although you should perform regular roof inspections using a visual scan from the ground and inside your attic, nothing replaces a thorough inspection from a roofing expert. Although any number of things can go wrong, some of the most common issues professionals find are:

  • Leaks - Even small leaks can cause big problems. And, any number of things can cause a leak - or multiple leaks. Unfortunately, moisture intrusion also leads to problems like wet insulation, mold, and rot. Undetected leaks can quickly advance from repair issues to the need for total roof replacement.
  • Storm Damage - Scheduling a professional inspection with a reputable and local roofing company is vital in the aftermath of a weather-related event. Even if you don't think you notice any problems, get an assessment from an industry expert. You have a small window of opportunity to file a storm-related claim with your insurance, and if you don't catch repair needs in time, you could be stuck paying for them out of your own pocket.
  • Tree Branches - If you don't keep tree limbs trimmed back away from your roof, it could lead to serious problems, with or without storm activity. Overgrown branches can collapse for other reasons, including tree rot, compromising the structural integrity of your roof. As limbs grow, they can tear shingles or other roofing material, and you may not notice it until it's too late.

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